LV Distribution & Accessories

Kane Engineering stock, or manufacture to order, a wide range of electrical switchgear to meet the day-to-day needs of the electrical contractor market:

  • A comprehensive range of MCCB panelboards, MCB boards & Multi-service units (configured and built to order)
  • Non-standard MCCB & MCB distribution boards which may include, for example - Digital metering / Kwh pulse metering
    - Contactors for power or lighting circuits
    - Surge suppression equipment
    - All circuits pre-wired to terminal rail for rapid site connection

We also supply other commonly required switchgear installation accessories:

  • Individual sheet steel enclosed MCCB's or Fuse-switches
  • Current Transformer (CT) chambers and metering cubicles for Supply Authority connection requirements.
  • Earth bars, available at various sizes and ratings.
  • Sheet steel enclosed, pre-wired digital meters, c/w CT's & fuses
  • Other items available on request.

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